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February 19, 2019

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The Alphabetical Brain™ Symbol represents the unique relationship between your brain and the 26 letters of the alphabet of the American English language, which is currently the universal language of business and science throughout the world.

Also, the symbol stands for the importance of understanding the relationship between your brain's physical structures and your mind's mental functions in a new linguistic context that explains what causes your conscious self-awareness.

The new Alphabetical Brain™ Vocabulary model of human consciousness can improve your self-confidence and self-esteem so you can assert your ability to make wise decisions, which is your malleable mental force (brainpower). It can grow on a daily basis and improve throughout your life.

Your three-pounds of brain tissue contains the most complex organic matter in the universe. And the 26 letters of the English language alphabet enable you to create the most complex and meaningful thoughts and control your emotions in all kinds of situations.

The new brain vocabulary contains 15 brain ideas that explain the incredibly adaptive functions of your mind. It can empower you to use your intelligence, free will, and creative imagination to make better decisions and solve more complex problems.

Further, this website explains how you can optimize your ability to reason in order to create plans and achieve your goals based upon altruistic ethical humanistic values.

Your ability to imagine, reason, and remember depends upon the size and quality of your general vocabulary and especially your specific brain vocabulary. As a general rule, the quality of the information you feed into your brain determines the quality of your behavior in the future.

The interactive neuronal connections between your brain's dozens of major organs and your knowledge of thousands of important words in the American English language, give you the ability to think and feel and predict the most probable outcome that your mind can conceive and achieve.

It is estimated that about 10,000-12,000 words are acquired by a 16-year-old, and 20,000-25,000 words are acquired by a college graduate. Alternatively, 60,000 active words, when the different senses, inflected forms, and compounds, and new scientific words are included in the total, are derived from 38,000 headwords as well as 75,000 passive words for a college graduate, according to David Crystal:

[Verify the statistics at the website =

Since the USA is a diverse multicultural nation with large numbers of immigrants, totaling more than 326 million people, we have the best ideas from all over the world. They include the best scientific vocabulary and brain ideas that have ever been discovered in history:

[Verify the statistics at the website =]

Now all you need to do is learn a few dozen essential scientific words that describe how your brain and mind work together to give you a sensible comprehensive perspective about your self-identity (human nature).

Your personal free will is an evolutionary bonus, since the survival of human beings (Homo sapiens) during the past 40-60 thousand years has depended upon our ability to create collaborative groups in order to survive.

We had to make complicated choices as we continuously adapted to changing social and environmental conditions. In turn, our bodies and brains have evolved to deal especially with hostile conditions that threatened our family groups.

However, it is important to know that the emergence of human alphabets, about 3,200 B.C. or 5,200 years ago in both Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt, was necessitated by the growth of cities and trade among diverse peoples. They lived in different geographic and ethnic groups around the Mediterranean Sea.

All of these large cultural changes, including the use of new symbols for wider communication, had a synergistic impact on the increase in human intelligence and the growth of bigger empires and more complex civilizations around the world. These changes happened for thousands of years until that ancient cultural structure of the old empires collapsed as former trading partners encroached on each other's lands about 1177 B.C.

Then, new nation-states began to emerge out of the more primitive empires around the Mediterranean Sea. Classical Greece, Macedonian Greece, Ptolemaic Egypt, and Ancient Rome all began to flourish as the Greeks embellished the Phoenician alphabet about 800 B.C. by adding four new letters representing vowel sounds to become the classic Greek Language. It made human communication more profound both philosophically and scientifically.

The fact that just 26 alphabetical letters became so adaptable that they could become the hundreds of "sound bits" that represent a virtually unlimited number of ideas for hundreds of different languages throughout the world over thousands of years is truly astonishing.

See the publication data for the three books in the following information box:

How the Alphabet has Shaped
the Western View of the World

by Laurence de Looze.
University of Toronto Press,
2016 (218 pages)


the Marvelous History of
Our Alphabet from A to Z

by David Sacks.
Broadway Books, 2004
Formerly titled Language Visible
(416 pages)


the story of humanity's greatest invention
by Daniel L. Everett.
Liveright/W.W. Norton, 2017
(i-xviii, 330 pages)

[Note: Detailed book outlines and summaries of the major ideas in the books cited in all of the information boxes will be available online soon.]

That huge language breakthrough influenced all of the groups of people around the Mediterranean Sea. And it has had a major impact on the development of modern languages, including our own American English and a great influence on Western civilization, especially the USA.

Much later, during the Enlightenment of the 17th and 18th centuries, the first scientists were called "natural philosophers" and they were often involved in alchemy as they invented their experiments with various materials. And they were the first to use experimental methods involving microscopes and telescopes.

All of the major inventions of modern technology started with the perfection of the telescope and the microscope, which were discovered within a ten year period of time and which became the primary tools of science. Thus, the scientific method has made possible the discovery of hundreds of thousands of facts about nature, the cosmos, and reality.

They helped the first modern scientists discover the most important scientific truths about the solar system and the movements of the continents as well as evolution and medical science and the Periodic Chart of Elements and the control of water energy and later electrical energy and the invention of cars and airplanes and mass communication.

Brain knowledge equals brainpower! Such knowledge can help us think better and control negative emotions. The new scientific knowledge about human brains represents the ultimate kind of human power that makes possible truly reliable knowledge for everyone.

Now that human behavior can be understood in the context of evolutionary genetic facts, there is no need to believe in any of the thousands of ancient traditional mythological stories or pagan belief systems that were invented by people living in more primitive cultures throughout our past history.

All of them were wrong and now we know it! The new knowledge about human nature derived from neuroscience (new brain science) can help all seven billion human beings on Earth today live more fulfilling lives in the future.

In summary, your embodied mind-brain produces your consciousness and your self-identity. Also, your working memory system, which is part of your prefrontal cortex, gives you the ability to express your free will and your creativity whenever you need to do it. Therefore, you can appropriately think of your working memory as your creative imagination.

Your mental force, which is the combination of your personal power to imagine, reason, and remember, can provide you with an infinite ability to adapt. This wonderful scientific fact can help you expand your conscious self-awareness with every new brain name and definition you learn.

WHY THIS MATTERS: The Alphabetical Brain™ Symbol represents the interactive connections among your brain's physical structures that cause your mind's mental functions. It symbolizes the importance of the 26 letters of the English language alphabet to human consciousness. The symbol shows the English language alphabet curved around the top of an image of the Left Hemisphere of a human brain, which usually contains the language module in most people.

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