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January 26, 2020

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The purpose of this educational website is to explain the fundamental characteristics of your brain's physical structures as well as your mind's mental functions, including your ability to imagine, reason, and remember.

This website presents the most sensible humanistic scientific explanation of the new brain research, which proves beyond any doubt that you can optimize your brainpower (mental force). This new linguistic perspective unscrambles the technical language invented by brain scientists.

And it discloses the source of your own mental force as a progressive logical sequence of biological and psychological mental and emotional functions that you can learn to control!

This can mean that you will feel less anxious and more self-confident after you have learned the definitions which describe your mind's mental force and explain how the parts of your brain are interconnected so you can move and think.

The 15 major brain ideas emphasized on this website, and the many facts that support them, are brand new in human history. You must add the appropriate feelings of positivity to the new brain words that name your brain's structures and mental functions.

By opening your mind to new perceptions of reality organized around reliable brain facts and ideas, you can strengthen your brainpower (mental force). This new brain knowledge can help you conquer your doubts and confidently maintain your sanity as you increase your curiosity and develop more willpower. Soon new habits of well-being will provide you with better health and more happiness.

The brain information on this website emphasizes the profound connection between your working memory system and your long-term memory system. These two key brain ideas are #1 and #15 on the Circle of Consciousness SymbolŠ:

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You can see that #1 and #15 are next to each other on the circle, which reminds you that they are inextricably connected inside your brain.

You would have no conscious self-awareness and would not be able to talk sensibly, if your prefrontal cortex (PFC) and your hippocampus were not connected in a healthy way.

This is the shockingly dreadful dilemma of the victims of Alzheimer's disease, which is the most common and fatal form of dementia. The conscious self-awareness of an Alzheimer's victim cannot connect with past unconscious memories

The normal connection between the prefrontal cortex and hippocampus is broken.

A variety of abnormalities and dysfunctions can cause the disconnect. Victims become progressively less aware of their past memories, whose triggers are located in the hippocampus in the limbic system. Then their perceptions of reality and their awareness of their own self-identities is lessened.

If the connection is severely damaged, the self-identities of victims become permanently altered, since essential self-defining memories cannot be recalled.

Tragically, when victims lose contact with their memories of the past, they forget the faces of their friends and family members and also forget where they are and forget how to speak appropriately during conversations.

Then they are compelled to confabulate in order to fill the cognitive void by making up nonsensical explanations. Alzheimer's victims provide stark evidence that "You are your memory!"

Since there is no guaranteed way of preventing Alzheimer's disease, it is imperative that you must maintain a healthy brain by sleeping adequately, eating well, doing regular physical exercise, and challenging yourself mentally to increase your cognitive reserve.

Such proactive healthy activities can reduce your risk of getting Alzheimer's, or possibly delay the pace of the deterioration of the brain structures and mental functions far into old age.

The goal of living long and well requires that you keep fresh blood flowing through your veins and arteries and keep sparks of electro-chemical ionic signals flowing throughout your connectome (brain and nervous system).


"The relationship between working memory and long-term memory is similar to that of a librarian and a library. Like a librarian, working memory allows you to search through the 'books' of information stored in the 'library' in order to accomplish a specific task." (Book Source = Working Memory Advantage, 2013, page 160)

You will learn that they have overlapping reciprocal recursive feedback and feedforward functions, which can be described in hierarchical layers once you understand them in their modern linguistic context.

You can do it one word and one name at a time just like children learn each new word in their emerging vocabularies as they expand their conscious self-awareness and adaptive self-identity.

The 15 brain flash cards, which introduce the 15 major brain ideas, have quick links to files, which are named DETAILS and SOURCES.

The short declarative statements on both the fronts and backs of the 15 brain flash cards provide an easy way to learn the basic details needed to understand what causes your conscious self-awareness and adaptable memory. The question and answer format can help you memorize the brain ideas and their relationships rapidly and easily.

Also, the Q/A format of the brief statements on both sides of the 15 brain flash cards provides a scientific perspective concerning the true causes of your conscious self-awareness. They rely most directly on your understanding of your willpower or free will to use your imagination to create your adaptive self-identity.

After the new brain vocabulary is safely stored in your permanent long-term memory, you will be able to understand how your creative imagination and your emotional intelligence depend upon learning specific critical thinking skills and reading strategies. You will learn why it is so important to keep asking the question "WHY?"

Soon you will be able to comprehend the 15 new brain ideas just as easily as you understand the meanings of familiar household words such as "table" and "chair" and "kitchen" and "bedroom."

In addition, there is a special link on the homepage of this website called "Quotations about Human Consciousness." It contains a variety of definitions about human consciousness from many books about neuroscience, biology, and psychology, which are all based on the secular humanistic perspective of life.

The new scientific perspective is known as "cognitive neuroscience," since it combines old philosophical ideas about the functions of the brain and reason and emotions with new factual scientific ideas based upon current brain research and evolution.

One of the most important scientific studies ever undertaken in human history is the "mapping" of the human connectome. Your connectome is the name for the "neuronal pathways" of your brain and nervous system. This mapping project is a monumental worldwide neuroscience research activity.

This new brain research seeks fundamental knowledge as well as medical knowledge about how human brains work. There is a special emphasis on brain disorders and diseases in the hope that new insights can be discovered to better treat dysfunctional mental and abnormal emotional behavior.

The old metaphor of the brain being a machine or computer with "fixed wiring" has been debunked because of the extraordinary new brain knowledge about the brain's plasticity: the brain's natural abiltity to change and adapt at all ages!

The new ongoing brain research explains more completely than ever before how the human brain and nervous system are connected at the very tiny nano-microscopic level. In addition, the new brain knowledge of the past 100 years, and especially of the past 20 years, can replace ancient mythical religious explanations of the meaning of human behavior.

Now there is no need to imagine that people require the help of mysterious divine authority figures to make proper decisions for them or to save their souls. We now know that individuals can make up their own minds about how to do everything without regard to historical superstitious religious opinions.

Instead, of believing in such biblical ideas as "original sin" or "heaven" or "God's will for you," for example, individuals can now use the mental force of their own true creative imagination and willpower to make effective ethical and political decisions instead of relying on untrue supernatural magical choices.

The new brain knowledge is based upon new brain experimentation concerning the intricate nano-microscopic functions of the physical structure of the human brain. That structure makes mental and emotional brain functions possible. But "How?"

Now new scientific evidence is confirming the existence of human willpower or free will. Willpower is your dominant mental force. It is your brainpower! It gives you the ability to make goals and plans for achieving them by choosing to make wise pragmatic decisions. It gives you the ability to have a robust "growth mindset" based upon choices instead of being limited to a "fixed mindset" where your behavior is determined primarily by outside cultural influences.

This new revolutionary idea relies on the theory of quantum effects, which is beginning to replace the old reductionist/deterministic scientific cultural stereotype that was based upon ignorance of reality. It claimed that free will was an illusion. However, the experiments were inadequate and the conclusions in the 1960s have turned out to be wrong.

The following short essay provides the best modern analysis of the factors involved in understanding the cultural context of your natural willpower. The latest brain research evidence supports the idea of a "secular self" and the idea that free will is real: if you train your brain to use it!

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Therefore, to summarize, the new brain research is explaining the objective biological sources of our subjective perceptions of our conscious self-awareness. It is also explaining the factual basis of our adaptable self-identities as individuals whose thoughts can control their emotions with their own willpower and personal knowledge and creativity.

In addition, the science-based rational "whole-brain" decision-making model of thinking is emphasized on this website. It provides an objective way for all family members to use their own personal knowledge and creativity to explain the best way to create trusting interpersonal relationships for all family members, from the youngest to the oldest.

Just like implicit unconscious gender biases and implicit unconscious racial prejudices can interfere with your ability to create trusting relationships and success in life, implicit unconscious ignorance about your brain functions can ruin your whole life!

To compensate for past ignorance, this website offers you the scientific alternative of using evidence-based rational thinking to make decisions rather than faith-based magical thinking. You can use your creative imagination to control your feelings and choose your own self-identity based upon reasons!

WHY THIS MATTERS: The purpose of this website is to assist you in understanding your brain's physical structures and your mind's mental functions. It explains how the new scientific brain vocabulary can improve the quality of your reasoning and creativity, thereby giving you more effective control over your own emotions and behavior and life planning.

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RECOMMENDATION: You may print this pdf version and read it and edit it by adding or deleting ideas. Then, you can read your edited version of these ideas according to a reinforcement schedule, such as a few hours later and a few days later and then several times in the next week or two. This strategy can help you take advantage of the power of the spaced-repetition method of memorization. Such deep introspection can change your adaptive self-identity and increase your self-esteem (positive feelings about yourself).

You Are Your Adaptable Memory!

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