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February 19, 2019

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The purpose of this educational website is to explain the fundamental characteristics of your brain's physical structures as well as your mind's mental functions, including your ability to imagine, reason, and remember.

This website presents the most sensible explanation of the new brain research that proves beyond any doubt that you can optimize your brainpower (mental force). It unscrambles the technical language invented by brain scientists, which discloses the source of your mental force as a progressive logical sequence of biological and psychological functions that you can learn to understand and control.

If you choose not to understand how your brain works, you will forever be susceptible to Brain Lock. Brain Lock is the condition where you are controlled by various unscientific cultural influences learned before you could think for yourself. Also it involves willingly accepting other people's ideas about the nature of reality uncritically without developing your own optimum brainpower (mental force.)

The following link provides an essential analysis of the factors involved in understanding your own true free will:

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The 15 major brain ideas emphasized on this website all have quick links to files, which are named DETAILS and QUOTES and SOURCES. However, since the arrangement of the brain ideas and the facts that support them are brand new in human history, you must add the appropriate feelings of positivity to the new brain words.

The text on both sides of the 15 brain flash cards and the corresponding 15 brain diagrams provide an easy way to learn the details required to understand your mind's interactive functions and your adaptive self-identity.

If you learn the new brain vocabulary, your thoughts will be able to control your feelings more predictably about everything. And you will be able to understand the interactive relationships between the complex systems in your brain that connect all of the parts. They are biochemical circuits (electro-chemical wiring) for conducting signals in your connectome.

The current "mapping" of the human connectome is one of the most important scientific projects ever undertaken in human history. It is an attempt to discover how the human brain and nervous system are connected at the microscopic level as one functioning holistic entity. It seeks to understand brain disorders and diseases better so medical science can treat dysfunctions better. Of course, the new brain knowledge can also replace out-of-date mythical religious explanations of the true functions of the mind and the ability of individuals to make up their own minds about everything!

Soon you will be able to comprehend the 15 new brain ideas just as easily as you now understand the meanings of familiar household words such as "table" and "chair" and "kitchen" and "bedroom". With the new brain vocabulary in your brain, you will be able to understand how your creative imagination and your emotional intelligence depend upon learning specific skills.

Science can provide the evidence-based brain information, but you have the opportunity to transform it into knowledge inside your brain by integrating the brain ideas and supporting facts into your own life using the "whole-brain" cognition model.

Furthermore, your consciousness is caused by the dynamic interactivity of your working memory's random access memory system located in your prefrontal cortex and your long-term memory's permanent hard drive memory consolidation system located in your hippocampus.

The interactive dynamics of these two memory systems have evolved to help us humans (Homo sapiens) win the fierce competition among protohuman species for survival for about 300 thousand years.

We had to remember vital survival information over time in order to conquer other species and the rest of nature. And when civilized life became too complex to remember everything in our heads, we invented a written language, including mathematics, to offload some important memory functions to written text.

The invention of written text was necessary to save room in our brain's memory (cognitive reserve) to record events from the past in order to have more mental capacity to be ready for emergencies. The written text or language consisted of abstract symbolic characters including both letters and numbers.

In addition, larger human population groups made written language a necessity for religious rituals and trade about 3,200 B.C. (5,200 years ago) in Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt. Then much later, about 800 B.C., our basic current alphabet was invented by the Ancient Greeks when they added four vowels to the Phoenician alphabet. The specific 26 letters in our English alphabet make possible hundreds of sound bits to describe an infinite number of things in our modern digitized global high-tech world.

Today, because of our alphabet, it is possible for us to understand how human brains function in a humanistic way. New evidence of the nano-microscopic intricacies of the human brain has just confirmed the existence of free will. And now the new brain research is explaining the biological sources of our perception of our subjective conscious self-awareness and our experience of our own emotions in totally new ways.

This website highlights the importance of the new brain vocabulary so you can understand the most important brain ideas by yourself, with a little help from brain scientists and science journalists. If you choose to master the brain facts, you will discover the new convergence among all scientific disciplines of thought. You will be able to turn the new brain knowledge into a new basis of trustworthy wisdom.

The new brain knowledge can help you survive and thrive in the future and give you the impetus to understand the need to protect Earth's environment for future generations. Also, the new brain knowledge has positive implications for the welfare of all other animal and plant species on Earth, since we have all coevolved together and need to stop their current endangerment and extinction.

When you learn the essential scientific vocabulary that describes your brain's physical organs and your mind's mental functions, you will be able to expand your conscious self-awareness and grasp a larger richer perception of reality with every new thought and feeling and create your own personal values and habits.

Your philosophy of life, including your goals and plans and values, can be based upon scientific knowledge rather than ignorance and obsolete ancient superstitious beliefs about your mind's mental functions, which is now known as dysfunctional magical thinking when it conflicts with science.

Then, you will be able to "practice happiness" every day and not merely "pursue happiness". You will be able to enjoy genuine success every day as you manage your own life by happily accepting your worth as a human being and respecting scientific thinking more.

As people grow older through the normal life cycle, human brains change as much on the inside as human bodies change on the outside. With the proper knowledge, you will be able to control your own emotions creatively and assert your personal values with confidence.

WHY THIS MATTERS: The purpose of this website is to assist you in understanding your brain's physical structures and your mind's mental functions. It explains how the new brain vocabulary (scientific knowledge) can improve the quality of your reasoning and creativity and thereby give you more effective control over your own emotions and behavior and life planning.

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