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October 4, 2019

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The purpose of this educational website is to explain the fundamental characteristics of your brain's physical structures as well as your mind's mental functions, including your ability to imagine, reason, and remember with self-confidence.

This website presents the most sensible explanation of the new brain research that proves beyond any doubt that you can optimize your brainpower (mental force). It unscrambles the technical language invented by brain scientists. And it discloses the source of your own mental force as a progressive logical sequence of biological and psychological mental functions that you can learn to control.

This means that you will feel more comfortable and more self-confident after you have learned the skill-set definitions which describe your own mental force.

The 15 major brain ideas emphasized on this website and the facts that support them are brand new in human history, you must add the appropriate feelings of positivity to the new brain words which name the new brain structures and functions. You can do it one word and one name at a time just like children learn each new word in their emerging vocabularies as they expand their self-awareness and consciousness.

The 15 brain flash cards, which introduce the 15 main brain ideas, all have quick links to files, which are named DETAILS and SOURCES. Essential QUOTES from books that focus on defining human consciousness are listed at the following website Index link:

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The text on both sides of the 15 brain flash cards, and their 15 brain diagrams, provide an easy way to learn the basic details required to understand your mind's interactive functions and your adaptable self-identity.

The current "mapping" of the human connectome is one of the most important scientific studies ever undertaken in human history. The new brain research seeks fundamental knowledge as well as medical knowledge to better understand brain disorders and diseases and to better treat dysfunctional mental or abnormal emotional behavior. It is an attempt to discover how the human brain and nervous system are connected at the tiny nano-microscopic level as one functioning holistic entity.

After the new brain vocabulary is safely stored in your memory, you will be able to understand how your creative imagination and your emotional intelligence depend upon the learning of specific essential skills. Soon you will be able to comprehend the 15 new brain ideas just as easily as you now understand the meanings of familiar household words such as "table" and "chair" and "kitchen" and "bedroom".

In addition, the new brain knowledge can also replace out-of-date mythical religious explanations of human behavior, which claim that you need the help of divine authority to make proper decisions. Now we know that individuals can make up their own minds about everything without regard to historical superstitious religious opinions, such as the biblical idea of original sin. Instead, individuals can use their own mental force and willpower to make correct ethical and political choices.

The following essay provides an essential analysis of the factors involved in understanding your free will:

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Therefore, because of new scientific experimentation during this century concerning the nano-microscopic intricacies of the human brain, scientific evidence has confirmed the existence of free will.

However, if you choose to resist understanding how your brain works, you will be susceptible to cultural brain lock. This is the condition when people are controlled by various traditional cultural influences that were learned before they could think for themselves. It also involves accepting other people's uncritical ideas about the nature of reality without developing one's own personal ideas based upon intellectual analysis of the many cultural influences.

Cultural brain lock can be compared to the common mental dysfunction known as brain lock, which is experienced as temporary confusion, indecision, or mental paralysis (brain fog) when the brain gets stuck in a loop that often becomes obsessive-compulsive behavior. Brain lock is usually treated best by group therapy when victims can be treated with both insight therapy and cognitive therapy together.

Also, cultural brain lock can be compared with the rare neurological disorder of locked in syndrome, which is experienced as complete paralysis of all voluntary muscles except for the ones that control the movements of the eyes.

Individuals with locked-in syndrome are conscious and awake, but have no ability to produce movements (outside of eye movements) or speech, called aphonia. This medical disorder defines a conscious person who cannot control most bodily functions nor communicate with normal speech. However, cognitive functions are usually not affected.

The purpose of comparing the analogy of cultural brain lock to the mental disorders of brain lock and locked-in syndrome is that many deep-seated habits can dictate strong beliefs and behavior patterns for people who are ignorant of the new brain ideas based on modern science. Their ignorance is so deep that they cannot overcome it by themselves using normal thinking strategies. Instead, they usually need directed educational therapy for their rehabilitation.

People who have superstitious religious beliefs can be recognized as being ignorant of deep human history, including evolution and the basic scientific principles of reality. They are often ignorant people who learned traditional religious myths about human nature when they were children. The false myths were saved in their long-term memories where false myths were consolidated into permanent memories. This may have happened before their prefrontal cortex was mature enough to interpret the false information.

Unfortunately, billions of innocent children are still being forced to learn false myths about reality by their parents and teachers when they are the most vulnerable.

Later, when they grow up, they will suffer from the closed-mindedness of confirmation bias which means that as adults they are likely to prefer perceptions that validate what they had already been taught to believe to be true before they were able to think critically or change their own minds. Sadly, they may not be able to cope with the great social changes of the present time caused by scientific and technical advances in human knowledge.

Typically, their brains will have been frozen in the past due to inadequate education and training when their childhood brains should have been allowed to develop their plasticity and resiliency through learning critical thinking skills and emotional intelligence skills. Children should be protected from brute obedience training that forces them to conform to ancient non-scientific and pre-Enlightenment traditions before they are old enough to think for themselves.

Their brains have been indoctrinated to accept only obsolete doctrines of conduct and so they willfully limit their imagination and capacity to reason (brainpower/mental strength) in favor of superstitious opinions. The tragic problem for humanity and nature is that hundreds of millions of Americans and billions of non-Americans throughout the world accept the status quo and never think outside their familiar traditional belief systems.

That is why the new brain knowledge is so important for the future success and happiness of all children. Children need to learn that they have adaptable brains and that they have the willpower to choose altruistic humanistic values to guide them through life.

The new brain research is explaining the biological sources of our perception of our subjective conscious self-awareness and our experience of our emotions in exciting new ways. The science-based rational "whole-brain" decision-making model, emphasized on this website, is a good objective way for all family members to make useful ethical decisions based upon reason and mutual trust.

With the new brain knowledge, you will be able to comprehend that your consciousness is caused by the dynamic interactivity of your working memory system (random access memory) located in your prefrontal cortex and your long-term memory consolidation system (hard drive memory) located in your hippocampus.

This computer metaphor is a handy way to consider the extremely complex electro-chemical process of cellular communication that makes possible your conscious self-awareness. These two primary memory systems evolved to help us (Homo sapiens) win the fierce competition (bloody battles with other protohuman species and dislocations due to natural catastrophes) for survival during the past 300 thousand years.

When you learn the essential scientific brain vocabulary, you will be able to expand your self-identity with every new thought and feeling as you create your own personal values and habits. Then, you will be able to "practice happiness" every day as Thomas Jefferson and the other patriots did who created The U.S. Declaration of Independence and The U.S. Constitution and our democratic society. The word "pursuit" meant "practice" in the famous statement in the U.S. Declaration of Independence.

It was a citizenís "inalienable right to life, liberty, and the practice of happiness" --- here and now! It did not refer to some vague future reward in a mysterious imaginary mythical utopia. Jefferson referred to himself as an Epicurean and was a Deist, not a Christian! Jefferson wrote a version of the New Testament that deleted all references to miracles alleged to be caused by Jesus with his alleged supernatural powers. Many early Americans believed in Christian ethics but not necessarily in the mysticism of Protestant Evangelical or Catholic doctrines.

When you understand your brain scientifically, you will be able to enjoy genuine success every day as you manage your life by happily accepting your worth as a human being based upon your own reasoning ability. Also you will have good reasons to respect the scientific method.

If you learn the new brain vocabulary, your thoughts will be able to better control your feelings about everything. And you will be able to understand the interactive parts that connect all of the complex systems in your brain much better.

WHY THIS MATTERS: The purpose of this website is to assist you in understanding your brain's physical structures and your mind's mental functions. It explains how the new brain vocabulary (scientific knowledge) can improve the quality of your reasoning and creativity. And it can give you more effective control over your own emotions and behavior and life planning.

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RECOMMENDATION: You may print this pdf version and read it and edit it by adding or deleting ideas. Then, you can read your edited version of these ideas according to a reinforcement schedule, such as a few hours later and a few days later and then several times in the next week or two. This strategy can help you take advantage of the power of the spaced-repetition method of memorization. Such deep introspection can change your adaptive self-identity and increase your self-esteem (positive feelings about yourself).

Remember always:
You Are Your Adaptable Memory!

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