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June 15, 2021

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The Circle of Consciousness SymbolŠ is a visual learning device that allows you to focus attention on the big picture of the logical progressive sequence of all 15 major brain ideas simultaneously. It also allows you to easily memorize the names of the 15 brain ideas by associating them with "memory codes." They are short acronyms containing symbolic semantic cues in their letter combinations.

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The Circle of Consciousness SymbolŠ shows how the essential relationship between your working memory system located in your prefrontal cortex and your long-term memory system located in your hippocampus produce your unique willpower and your adaptable self-identity.

This metaphorical Circle of Consciousness SymbolŠ provides an accurate simple model for explaining how your complex human brain works. It reveals that your consciousness and willpower both depend upon 15 healthy physical structures and 15 healthy mental functions, which you need to remember in your long-term memory system --- forever!

All four diagrams in the following two sets of paired diagrams displayed below with the Circle of Consciousness SymbolŠ are presented in flash card format at the "15 Free Brain Flash Cards" link found on the homepage Index of this website.


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Diagram #1 (which is the front of a flash card) shows 15 red arrows outside the circle, all pointing outward toward the names of each of the 15 brain ideas. This first diagram depicts the assumption that the names of the 15 brain ideas and their unique sequence of interactive relationships are outside your conscious self-awareness before you begin to study your brain seriously.

Diagram #2 (which is the back side of Diagram #1) shows 15 red arrows inside the circle, all pointing inward toward the smaller center circle called "MENTAL FORCE."

The words "mental forces" describe your willpower and ability to imagine, reason, and remember. They identify the secular source of your capacity to make adaptive choices and decisions, caused by the two clusters of neurons at the front of your cerebrum.

Together, that area is known as your brain's prefrontal cortex. It is the ultimate cause of your "executive functions" at the front of both frontal lobes just behind your forehead on both sides of your face.

That area also manages your working memory system. This memory function was called your short-term memory in the past before the new nano-microscopic understanding of the intimate relationship that exists between it and your long-term memory system.

The second diagram depicts the assumption that the names of the 15 brain ideas and their unique sequence of interactive relationships will be inside your permanent long-term memory system after you have spent serious time studying your brain's structures and your mind's functions.

The new brain vocabulary explains scientifically how your mind's mental functions work. This new brain knowledge can strengthen your unique willpower and help you adjust your adaptable self-identity when needed.

Also the new brain knowledge explains "WHO" you can become in the future after you have learned "HOW" your brain structures interact to create your mind's mental forces (brainpower potential) and "WHY" you evolved to be perpetually curious.

You can TAP or SWIPE on the screen or CLICK with your mouse on the Circle of Consciousness SymbolŠ to use your working memory in your prefrontal cortex to make adaptive decisions, since it is the secular source of your ability to reason, remember, and imagine.

The first set of diagrams highlights the essential connected relationship that exists between the functions of your working memory (see brain idea #1) of your prefrontal cortex and the functions of your long-term memory (see brain idea #15) of your limbic system.

This fundamental connected relationship, which exists between your two essential memory systems, is depicted by their locations next to each other on the Circle of Consciousness SymbolŠ. The names of both brain ideas, #1 and #15, are metaphorically touching each other.

This symbolic touching represents the vital importance of keeping the neuronal pathways inside your anterior cingulate cortex healthy, because these pathways are what connect both of these two essential memory functions.

There are 13 more names of brain ideas in between #1 (working memory) and #15 (long-term memory), since their meanings are essential for understanding how your willpower works. Together, the names and the meanings of all 15 brain ideas can give you a comprehensive pattern of knowledge about your brain.

All 15 names are defined and described from several perspectives on this Alphabetical Brain™ Vocabulary website. Links to the files are on the homepage Index.

Together, the 15 brain ideas are significantly involved in your health and longevity. They are linked inseparably to each other in their interactive properties. And they will be more useful to you when they become a part of your personal explicit brain knowledge --- after they are memorized.

But you must choose to motivate yourself to learn the details about them and to memorize their interactive relationships. This is because the most important consequential scientific ideas about your brain are not discussed widely because of our American social caste system and the traditional taboos against secular evidence-based ideas about human nature.

However, in this precise context, knowledge is power, since your own sense of self and self-confidence can grow with your mastery of the brain knowledge.

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The second set of paired flash cards, (Diagram #3 and Diagram #4), is linked so you can repeatedly stimulate the semantic, episodic, and autobiographic memory cells, which are the declarative memory triggers (or indexed sections) in your hippocampus. This is where your long-term memory system is located.

Diagram #3 shows the position of the 15 memory codes around the Circle of Consciousness SymbolŠ. Diagram #4 shows the 15 names of the brain ideas in their unique sequence around the circle.

Diagram #4 makes it possible for you to MATCH the 15 memory codes to the names of the brain ideas in their special order of brain structures and mental functions.

By simply TAPPING or SWIPING your finger on the screen or CLICKING your mouse, you can have repeated quick viewings no matter what kind of hand-held device or computer you are using.

These two diagrams provide you with the opportunity to use your cerebrum's prefrontal cortex or PFC to train the rest of your brain to learn the letters of the memory codes in the logical order displayed around the Circle of Consciousness SymbolŠ.

By repeatedly paying attention to the 15 names of the 15 brain ideas and the 15 memory codes, you will be causing more synaptic connections to be created in the neuronal pathways of your anterior cingulate cortex.

Those neuronal pathways connect your working memory system with your long-term memory system because of the biochemical signals that flow through them and cause "memory triggers" to become activated in the "memory index" that exists in those clusters of neurons inside your hippocampus.

Each time you remember these particular 15 brain ideas, which symbolize your brain's physical structures and your mind's real mental functions, you will be strengthening the density of the 1,000 trillion synapses (neuronal switches) among the 100-200 billion neurons in your connectome, which is the vast "wiring system" of your brain and nervous system.

Finally, by using the four diagrams of the Circle of Consciousness SymbolŠ along with the 15 brain flash cards and the spaced-repetition method of memorization, you will be able to save time as you train your brain's fantastic physical structure to create your mind's magnificent mental functions so they will do what you want them to do!

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Printable PDF Form

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RECOMMENDATION: You may print this pdf version and read it and edit it by adding or deleting ideas. Also you can underline or highlight with colored inks or read it out loud to use these proven memory boosters to help you capture this brain information in your permanent long-term memory system.

Then, you can read your edited version of these ideas according to a reinforcement schedule; such as in a few hours and then in a few days and then several times in the next week or two to take advantage of the power of the spaced-repetition method of memorization. Such deeper introspection can motivate you to increase your willpower and achieve self-actualization and self-transcendence by changing your adaptive self-identity to meet your needs.

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You Are Your Adaptable Memory!

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