November 12, 2019

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Neil deGrasse Tyson is an astrophysicist with the American Museum of Natural History; director of the world-famous Hayden Planetarium in New York; a monthly columnist for Natural History; and an award-winning African-American author and TV science celebrity. Tyson has written important science books, which should be read and discussed throughout the Humanist Galaxy.

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The books outlined so far include: [1] WELCOME TO THE UNIVERSE: An Astrophysical Tour written by Neil deGrasse Tyson with Michael A. Strauss, and J. Richard Gott and published by Princeton University Press, 2016 (470 pages) and ONE UNIVERSE: At Home in the Cosmos written by Neil deGrasse Tyson and published by Joseph Henry Press, 2000 (217 pages).

The first book, Welcome to the Universe, is a personal guided tour of the cosmos by three of today's leading astrophysicists. Inspired by the enormously popular introductory astronomy course that Neil deGrasse Tyson, Michael A. Strauss, and J. Richard Gott taught together at Princeton, this book covers it all --- from planets, stars, and galaxies to black holes, wormholes, and time travel. It describes the latest discoveries in astrophysics, the informative and entertaining narrative propels you from our home solar system to the outermost frontiers of space. How do stars live and die? Why did Pluto lose its planetary status? What are the prospects of intelligent life elsewhere in the universe? How did the universe begin? Why is it expanding and why is its expansion accelerating? Is our universe alone or part of an infinite multiverse?

Answering these and many other questions, the authors open your eyes to the wonders of the cosmos, sharing their knowledge of how the universe works. Breathtaking in scope and stunningly illustrated throughout, the book is for those who hunger for insights into our evolving universe that only world-class astrophysicists can provide.

The second book, One Universe:, provides more information about the cosmos that was learned during the 20th century.

Other books written by Tyson are: [2] COSMOS: a SpaceTime Odyssey; a companion book for the 13-part network TV series, COSMOS: a SpaceTime Odyssey, with co-author Tom Konkle, which includes 553 minutes of programming that was released in DVD format in 2014; [3] DEATH BY BLACK HOLE - AND OTHER COSMIC QUANDARIES published by W. W. Norton, 2014 (384 pages); [4] ORIGINS: Fourteen Billion Years of Cosmic Evolution published by W. W. Norton, 2014 (352 pages); [5] SPACE CHRONICLES: Facing the Ultimate Frontier edited by Avis Lang and published by W. W. Norton, 2013 (384 pages); and [6] THE SKY IS NOT THE LIMIT: Adventures of an Urban Astrophysicist published by Prometheus Books, 2004 (203 pages).

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