February 20, 2019

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Note: This brief essay is a summary of the longer referenced essay that describes your human consciousness (understanding) with more details and embedded references at the "Details About Your Consciousness" link on the homepage Index of this website.

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At the fundamental biological level, your brain is the real cause of your adaptable self-identity and your mind is the real cause of your enlightened self-awareness.

Now there is solid new evidence that your conscious self-awareness and adaptable self-identity are really self-constructed perceptions of reality based upon a combination of internal biological and external cultural influences or "forces." The perceptions are just as objective as the earth and the sky even though you experience them as being the subjective core of your existence.

The fundamental presupposition of this website is that your self-awareness and self-identity are true facts and not illusions. It is important to know this scientific fact (basic truth), since there have been so many thousands of false ideas about the true characteristics of your brain and mind built into the structure of the English language during the past few hundred years, since it emerged from Latin and other European languages.

Therefore, it is imperative that the new scientific insights about the true descriptions of your brain's structures and mind's functions need to replace the old obsolete ideas about the so-called spiritual or mystical nature of mental functions.

Modern science has proven beyond reasonable doubt that the ancient assumption that there is a "spiritual soul" is untrue. Unfortunately, that unscientific "faith belief" is still assumed to be true by hundreds of millions of Americans and billions of the rest of earth's population. However, humanistically speaking, there is only a secular "emotional self," which is the most important liberating fact of the modern world, since scientific reasoning can now be the basis of democratic truths.

Your brain and mind can now be understood as being two distinctly different specific living things that depend upon being connected to a living human body in order to be alive!

This new scientific distinction must be described accurately without being obfuscated by ancient ideas about the brain and mind that had mysterious characteristics associated with them when primitive humans were ignorant about the brain's true structures and the mind's true functions.

Now it is possible to use modern computerized microscopes and the scientific method of investigation to explore and understand the true functions of living human brains and minds.

It is important not to be confused by the old ideas that were added to the English language (built into it) during ancient times when there was no scientific understanding of the brain and mind and their true interactions.

Now, early in the 21st century, you can learn what is true and what is not true about your mental functions by choosing to adopt and understand the new language of the brain vocabulary, which has been invented by highly trained professional scientists who care about true evidence-based factual knowledge.

Another fundamental presupposition of this website is that most of the seven and one-half billion people living today on planet earth still have foolish ideas about the purpose and value of their brains and the malleability (changeability) of their minds. This assertion will be proven as the brain ideas and the facts presented on this website are understood by you and you are able to understand the true meaning of human consciousness and free will from a humanistic perspective.

It is now known that the human brain makes your enlightened consciousness possible. And, when children and adults are properly taught in a humanistic educational context of secular history and scientific knowledge, they grow up to be responsible people with rational altruistic social values.

In short, it is time to replace the obsolete spiritual ideas about the imaginary mythical soul with scientific humanistic ideas about the adaptable secular self-identity.

The educational philosophy behind this new approach to explaining the importance of understanding your brain's structures and your mind's functions is called the "whole brain" model of cognitive training.

By avoiding useless social behaviors and dangerous addictive habits, you will be able to optimize the functions of your mind.And by using the new brain vocabulary and simply learning the proper ways to relax more effectively, you will be able to creatively solve your problems. When you become wiser and control your emotions better, you will be able to stay focused on your most important goals in spite of the persistent commercial distractions and demanding social pressures all around you.

To conclude, the 15 brain ideas provide a sensible and comprehensible linguistic context for understanding the tremendous influence that your personal knowledge and your language skills, including your understanding of the new brain vocabulary, can have on your passion for life and your curiosity about everything in the cosmos. It is essential to remember that when your brain is healthy, you are using 100% of your mind's ability to imagine, reason, and remember.

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Printable PDF Form

RECOMMENDATION = You may print this pdf version and read it. You can underline or highlight the important new brain ideas with colors to save them in your long-term memory. Then, edit the text to personalize it and read your edited version of these ideas according to a reinforcement schedule.

You can review the 15 brain ideas in a few minutes, and then in a few hours, and then several times in the next week or two to take advantage of the power of the spaced-repetition method of memorization. You will be able to use the ideas during your deep introspective thinking and feeling about your secular self-identity.

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