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October 15, 2018

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The 15 essential brain ideas explained by the 15 free brain flash cards on this website contain the most important brain facts and ideas ever discovered. They all have been verified repeatedly by brain research during the past 30 years since functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging or (MRI) machines and other computerized brain scanners have been available to help brain scientists.

Now, for the first time in human history, human beings can clearly "see" inside living human brains while they are functioning and thus learn how the parts work together at scientific empirical level.

The Alphabetical Brain™ Vocabulary logo symbolizes the significance of understanding and remembering as many brain-related keywords and brain images as possible by transferring the new brain knowledge from your prefrontal cortex working memory system to your hippocampus (long-term memory) system.

Also, this website symbolizes the significance of being aware of the essential relationship between your consciousness and language. It is to help your consciousness grow and your self-identity adapt with the vississitudes of life in an evolutionary context.

Since your language skills activate your brainpower, and the brain vocabulary can provide you with the essential symbolic tools for operating your brain well, the new brain facts and ideas can provide you with a new expanded meaning to your life and especially your conscious self-awareness of the infinite possibilities for modifying your self-identity as your brain helps you adapt to your social and physical environments.

The free sample of 15 brain ideas provides a solid intellectual foundation for understanding how human brains have evolved during the past 5,200 years (since 3,200 B.C.) when human alphabets for writing were first invented and people started organizing social life in the context of larger cities in Babylonia and Ancient Egypt.

Subsequently, since the English language has become the most important universal language (lingua franca) during the past century, it contains the most useful symbols (letters, words, and sounds) that describe the biology and psychology of conscious self-awareness.

By practicing the recommended memory skills diligently, you will be earning a huge bonus since you will be increasing your general intelligence at the same time.

When you start to study your brain systematically, you can ask yourself the following two important questions regarding each brain idea: What is its purpose? How does it function?

These same two strategic thinking questions can be asked about the significance of each of the 15 brain ideas as you change your focus from one brain idea to another during your brain study.

Since "Your MIND is what your BRAIN does," it is essential that you understand how the three pounds of your brain tissue are arranged inside your head and how the physical structures of your brain function to make possible your altruistic, empathetic, optimistic, and curious attitudes about the future.

Each brain flash card can help your MIND better understand how your BRAIN works!

When you know how your educated mind can give your adaptable self the ability to plan reasonable goals and achieve them in satisfying and predictable ways, you will be in charge of making your own personal ethical choices and not be dependent on other people or institutions that demand your allegiance and make you conform dogmatically to their standards.

This website offers you a new way of explaining the great implications of brain science for the continuing evolution of humanity. This advice is for anybody who desires to be a part of the newly emerging secular humanistic global culture or at least the more educated social elites in democratic countries around the world.

The great American Middle Class Dream of human equality of opportunity and dignity for all is now possible during our lifetimes.

What is needed now are leaders with democratic values who can implement the new brain knowledge throughout the country so a brain savvy educated electorate of people, who know how human brains work, can cooperate and collaborate to keep America great.

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After the survey results are known, and the most important 15 brain flash cards have been chosen, and the best sequence for learning has been established, detailed information about the complete set of 15 brain flash cards will be included online as part of the downloadable Alphabetical Brain™ App. In addition, there will be more information about the significance of the 15 major brain ideas to encourage interaction among family members and friends to motivate communication among diverse people of all ages.

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Please consider participating in the Humanist Family Brain Survey by sharing your ideas about the best ways to improve this website for family use. To achieve this goal, please think about answers to the following four questions:

[1] Are the 15 brain ideas relevant to your life, whether you are an adult, teenager, or child?

[2] Can the focus on the controllable factors of the brains of humanist family members, defined as brainpower or the mind's mental force, help parents educate their children and teenagers to control their behavior better?

[3] Can children become more committed lifelong humanists through the influential process of parental nudging? [Note: Nudging is the gentle repetitive attempts to verbally encourage others to change their behavior by modeling good behavior yourself.]

[4] What other brain ideas would you like to add to the 15 brain ideas featured on this website or which of the 15 ideas would you replace with other brain ideas?

[5] What other book sources would you add to (or substitute for) the recommended books referred to on this website?

WHY THIS MATTERS: The goal of the Humanist Family Brain Survey is to obtain constructive feedback from humanist survey participants about the effectiveness of this website in providing humanist families with a realistic philosophical educational context for learning about the brain's phenomenal structures and the mind's many marvelous functions. You can send your feedback to:

Your contribution will be noted when the results of the Humanist Family Brain Survey are ready for wider distribution this summer. The printed version of the 15 brain flash cards along with printouts of the self-study quizzes will be universally accessible soon at the Alphabetical Brain™ Vocabulary App.

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